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Over twelve centuries ago the inhabitants of the continent known as Balor began to keep an account of a great godlike outsider known as Malar. This great master of the known universe is said to have eradicated all of the previous supernatural forces and left his son Balor and his daughter Lunetha to serve as stewards of the land but their bitter sibling rivalry has caused chaos and warring feuds and it is said that Malar will return to restore order to his claimed world. The prophecy speaks of a herald that will come and the secret of his coming is closely guarded by a very primitive tribe known as the
"Drugo Clan". Malar did not leave the inhabitants empty handed and embued an ancient conglomeration of documents known as the "Book of Malar" or the "Tomus Malarian" 
Malar's six arms are the inspiration for six split factions that work to keep peace and provision for all. Click below to learn more about the six factions of Malar. 

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