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Alba Beag
(Gaelic: Little Scotland)
is a branch that builds software and gaming products to help support the preservation of Scottish culture. 

Blackspire Music was created by singer/songwriter and musician Joshua Fordyce to express his artistic ideas to the world. 

Blackspire Books are books written by or promoted by the Blackspire Inc Corporation. 

Black Sleeve: Book 1 of the Arms of Malar Series Released December 2023!

Follow Gammon's journey - once an elite Hunter and member of the Green Sleeves, Gammon has fallen into the shame and exile of being marked a Black Sleeve.

He finds himself in an unlikely alliance among the often treacherous lot of criminal and severed folk to embark on a quest to reclaim his life and love in defiance of the other Sleeves of Malar who have punished him.

Gammon comes face-to-face with a far greater threat than the politicians or philosophers in the world of Balor could have imagined!

From the ingenuity of the Bathmore rifles to the sophistication of the Pantheon of Malar, will anyone be powerful enough to stop the armies of the deep?

Blackspire Music

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Alba Beag

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